ABOUT Gewanda

Gewanda J.Parker  is the founder and CEO of Hope and Healing Corporation: A corporation with many arms serving and reaching the needs of the marginalized of society locally and abroad to orphanages in Haiti and Africa. In 2003, she started an organization to help young girls and teens suffering with self-esteem and identity issues the group’s name, G-Girls: is an acronym used for the different components implemented that foster self-acceptance, self-esteem, mentoring, mothering and sister-ing, of the female gender in all age brackets. After giving birth to her first child she started a support group for older moms called TribeNMO40. (New Moms Over 40) The groups focus is to support the population of older women entering motherhood later in life.

Gewanda is a featured concert soloist and her natural talent in music, and praise and worship has offered her the opportunity to minister and travel singing throughout the US, Canada and Bahamas……

Tribe New Mom Over 40

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